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Peter Fayle
Peter Fayle

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Part-time community

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Hoping to find the community of my dreams here šŸ™

We all know someone who works part time. It can be difficult to navigate a job or a career in a world of full-time people, so my question is:

Where do part-time people go to talk about their work problems and share advice and support?

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Hey Peter!
I believe the Community Club, CMX slack workspaces, and websites/communities built for community builders are a great place for support and advice. That of course comes with knowing about the spaces though. I think there are ways we can try to spread awareness of these spaces for new community builders or community builders who just are unaware they exist, but it would be a gradual change. I personally learned about all of these spaces through being in the industry and my coworkers/leadership being involved with these organizations. Hope that helps!

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Rosie Sherry

You should talk to mothers, so many mothers have no choice but to work part time.

Lots of them hang out on FB groups.