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Phil Santos
Phil Santos

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Any other IRL community builders in the house?

Would love to hear what you're up to... or were up to before the pandemic! I'm currently writing a book envisioning a future where going out is way more about connection and less about drinks.

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Alex Angel

Mine is super small potatoes and I know there are a bunch of other great IRL community builders here so hopefully they'll chime in, too. But my knitting group was born out of a knitting community centered around a particular yarn shop in town. We all met at knitting camp (lol) and would routinely meet in person to work on projects, talk about the larger knitting community space, and attend events together. With the pandemic I helped transition the group online, and instead of in person events we now have a Slack group and virtual events--a weekly video hangout, knitalongs (where we all work on the same project at the same time), gift exchanges/birthday celebrations, and a few other small rituals. Most folks had never used Slack before, but now it's a daily staple.

Once the pandemic is over I know we will all get together for in person events and casual hangouts, but I think the online portion of our small community is here to stay. It's really enabled us to feel even more closely knit (pun sort of intended??), and the chatty relationships we've all built online are different enough from our in person gatherings that I think it's become a staple for communication.

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Philipp Schmid

Hey Phil!

I've been building the local creative community here in Cape Town, South Africa through events such as CreativeMornings (a monthly breakfast lecture series) amongst other community activities for the past 9 years.

Since the start of the pandemic all 230 global CreativeMornings chapters have been shifted to run virtual events and leave our IRL gatherings and all the hugs and high fives behind and trade it for zoom vibes and jazz hands.

As it currently stands we will keep running virtual gatherings until June 2021, which may get extended, depending on how the situation looks then. Several chapters in other countries (Berlin for example) have decided to not run any events during the pandemic to not overburden their community with yet another virtual event. They will resume once we go back to IRL events again.

Us here in Cape Town have been running virtual gatherings on a monthly basis but have also noticed a certain virtual event fatigue in recent months, as most other chapters also report.

I personally can't wait to get back up on a real stage and welcome our local community again and socialize and mingle over a bagel and a cup of coffee to kick off the best Friday each month again as we used to, pre-pandemic.

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John McTavish

Active in two sports+beer-oriented clubs locally: one for cycling and one for running.

Thankfully, running and riding outside in groups is a relatively low-risk activity so we've continued to do that, although in smaller groups due to winter.

Everything's organized in Telegram chats at the moment, but working towards a more visible calendar setup with more frequent group rides and runs once the warm weather returns.