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Discussion on: Welcome Thread - v6

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Piper Wilson

Hi everyone. I signed up a little while ago but failed to introduce myself. I've been active in online communities for over 10 years, but I still feel like a newbie. My favorite part of online community building is that it allows my introvert to be an extrovert.

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Hi Piper and everyone here 👋🏼

I also failed to introduce myself a while ago and reading your intro gave me some courage to say hello as well. I think I’ll never not feel like a newbie in a new community either, but it always shifts to a positive feeling after rolling with it for a bit.

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Oli Littlejohn

Haha, I love that and will steal it! I've got pretty chronic stage fright and find networking events pretty intimidating, but find Zoom much easier to do both.

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Zied Hamdi

Hi Piper,

I'm completely new to community building, so what should I think about my self (if you still feel like a newbie). I think I'm an introvert too: I have very few real friends with whom I can be for hours, I was never the kind of persons who knows everyone in his quarter, but I don't have struggles talking to strangers (I think I enjoy talking, but I don't enjoy being in the center of attention). Do you think this compatible with community building?