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Henry Quinn

Hey all!

I'm Henry from New Haven, Connecticut.

For me, 2021 is going to be about setting up a micro-community incubator in my city. There are a lot of groups and events I wished were present when I moved here four years ago. Two communities later (I run NewHavenIO and NewHavenNerdLeague) I think I have the social capital to work with other folks in the city to help bring my ideas to life.

My plan is to work with people involved in tangential groups to run a couple of test events for a list of different ideas that I have. If we iterate on an idea a few times and it doesn't gain traction, we'll move on to something else. If it seems to excite some folks, we'll put some more resources into it and deputize some people from within that community to help run it and take ownership.

There's a lot that needs to happen between now and then, but I have some time before the COVID vaccine becomes readily available to plan if I want to ride that "the world is becoming safe again, time to start slowly adventuring back out into the world" wave. I have a sneaking suspicion that local communities are going to be an important hallmark of the next five years.

If anyone wants to talk about this idea more or maybe offer some mentorship for a project like this, please reach out!

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