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Discussion on: #ClubChat: How do you balance community happiness with necessary changes in your community?

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Happy to share! To answers backwards for the internal process- we're lucky that our team can be pretty agile within the Community, our platform allows us to change up how many emails we send, and we can make that decision as a Community team more or less (which is rad).

We also have a group of SuperUser/Beta members who we call Founders. At times they can either really step up for engaging or slink away. So usually once a quarter we'll say "soooooo we haven't heard from you in a while..." and then give three or four prompts of what we could try to do to help. What came from that is people saying "we think the Community is super valuable, but we don't often make the plunge of logging in and checking out everything new. When we're pinged through email it brings it top of mind and we love that!".

I also think we live in a great space in our Community, where our members trust us enough to be honest and transparent. So generally when we ask, we ask with the intent to listen and our members share with the intent of being heard!

...this makes me think of a course talking about the process of Prototyping and feedback. A big part of it was to work with your prototype without inserting too much emotional stake in it. While email clutter drives me bananas, it's just how a lot of our members get their work done. I like the idea of thinking about Community as a series of Prototypes. Maybe they respond to AMAs in an unexpectedly big turnout, or maybe your Show & Tells are ghost towns and need to be retired because your members just don't find them valuable.

Apologies for the tangent, but super fun to think about :)

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No apology necessary, this was great. The framing of community as a series of prototypes is interesting and a neat way to think about it--I personally think of engagement initiatives like those as experiments, with a hypothesis/desired outcome, results, and a decision (among other things).