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Discussion on: How do you feel about lurkers?

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Finally a discussion I can de-lurk on ;)

I am a vehement defender of the lurker. The Lurker can have some really interesting motivations (and problem solving).

You could possibly bifurcate that question into two sections. Some of your lurkers are inactive due to symptoms like stage fright or lack of support. We often do try to 'convert" those folks (who perhaps show up to a New Member Call and seem really friendly just a little shy) by setting them up directly with opportunities to engage- low barrier (we do an intro thread once a month with the same question to get people to post even once).

The second category, touched on here by Mac, are that sometimes people to lurk! What I try to do there is present these to our team as not "missed" chances but "hey look at how much these people REALLY like the library!" and focus on celebrating the behavior they do exhibit. Often I'll reach out privately to these users and engage them, knowing that they may just forever be content to lurk. They'll come to threads, read, get really important info to bring back to their work, and that still means our job is done.

Looking forward to seeing what others think!