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Discussion on: How do you feel about lurkers?

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Rosie Sherry

I have a saying: lurkers are people too.

We are all different, we all have different things going on our lives, and different preferences on how participate.

I do like the idea of measuring pageviews with lurkers in mind too.

In the past few months I've tried some small meetups at indie hackers, more recently I went in with 1-to-1 meetups that people would self organize. I allocated two hours every Friday to speak to indie hackers for 15 minutes each.

The result? I'm booked up 6 weeks in advance now, after just doing it for a week. And now other indie hackers have jumped on board and there's a spreadsheet going for people to book 1-to-1 events with each other.

The lesson, design different experiences. Even small meetups can be overwhelming. Also, many of the people who I spoke to on the 1-to-1's apologized for being lurkers.