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Sarah Greisdorf
Sarah Greisdorf

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Community leaders/moderators program

Hi! Does anyone have a program for leaders in their community where that group has different benefits and expectations? Maybe it’s community moderators or a program you initiate folks into to reward behavior? If so, would love to know:

  • How do you decide who qualifies to join?
  • What are the benefits you provide to that group if any?
  • What expectations do you have for that group if any?

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Oana Filip

Hi, Sarah! I've been an ambassador/leader and moderator for The Watercooler, an international community of leaders. The Watercooler was a spinoff from Basecamp, and Claire Lew was in charge. Now, she's running Know Your Team, a product that helps leaders facilitate internal communication.

Long story short, I was chosen to play this role because I was very active on the platform. I, too, was a first-time leader in the company, and I felt the need to share my concerns and share how things went on my side of the world.

After a few months, I got an email to ask me if I wanted to be an ambassador for the community, and I accepted. Everything was crystal clear: from the contract until Clarie's expectations about our work (we were two gals, both from Europe).

It went great because I had experience in community building, and I knew that such roles needed to be silent. When members feel there is an ambassador, aka he is too pushy, over communicative, and such, they tend to lose trust. So it was this balance that I tried to achieve every single day. From the tranches, I had the chance to gather valuable insights that I shared with Claire and improve the overall experience.

So, to briefly answer your questions:

  1. Claire decided based on involvement, but not in terms of replies per se; she was interested in how I framed my answers and questions.
  2. We were paid, we knew the expectations, but we also had the freedom to do what we feel it's right.
  3. For Claire, it was essential to facilitate onboarding, help new members feel less alone and lost, and glue the members.

I hope it helps! 🀞

P.S. I wrote a piece on my experience back then:

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Sarah Greisdorf Author

Thank you so much for this incredible write-up Oana! This is so super helpful!

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Oana Filip

My pleasure, @sarahgreisdorf! Happy to lend a hand. Best of luck! ❀️