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Sarah Greisdorf
Sarah Greisdorf

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How do you get new members to introduce themselves?

Hi all!

I'm working on increasing the number of members who join our community and then post an introduction on our introductions thread forum post. Any guidance on how to increase the number of members who follow through on this action?

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I think suggestions for this will depend on which platform you are using to build your community. Here is what comes to mind for me when thinking about a community built using Forem:

  1. Pinning the welcome thread at the top of the feed would be a good start. Forem has a few interesting features for welcome threads. I would think about whether you should have only one ongoing welcome thread or create new ones as time goes by.

  2. If the community has space for banners, you can create one that leads to your welcome thread.

  3. If your community setup a newsletter before going public, you can send out an email to your early members and suggest that they drop a comment in your welcome thread.

  4. Using the newsletter suggestion, you can also email your early members and incentivise them to post in the welcome thread by rewarding anyone who does so with a unique badge.

  5. Highlight your welcome thread on any other platforms that your community has a presence on such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc.

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Ben Halpern

Welcome threads really are one of the most fun things that happen on DEV

Of course, Community Club has one going:

When possible, if community members can reply and let new folks get a notification, it goes a long way.