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Discussion on: Community platform for native app?

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Shannon Field Author

Thanks, Jocelyn. We wouldn't have our users download and use the MN app. And in fact, it's their pursuit of their own native experience that makes me nervous, as it seems they're not primarily focused on/interested in supporting integration into other native apps.

Can I ask...does your company have an app? And MN is integrated? Is it something I can take a look at (ie what's the company, and is the app free)? TIA!

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I'm actually not sure if MN can be easily integrated into a native app experience.

We do have a mobile app, but we don't integrate with MN at all. We use MN for a specific program that only has a couple hundred folks, so we're okay with having it separate. If we were to launch something for all of our users, we'd opt for a different platform.