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Discussion on: AMA with Cindy Au

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Cindy Au Ask Me Anything

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who asked questions today, and to Alex and the wonderful team at Community Club for hosting! I had a lot of fun answering, and as I'm looking through realizing that apparently I can only answer questions in short novel form?? Thankfully nobody asked me about which season of Supernatural I am currently watching.

I'll be signing off in a bit, but am always happy to continue the conversation if there's a topic you want to explore!

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Alex Angel Ask Me Anything

Thank you so much for being here and answering everyone's questions! LOVE the short novel form, you don't ever have to apologize for that :D Really wonderful insights that you shared that I hope inspire others building in the education space (and all types of community, honestly!).

I'll DM you about Supernatural 👀