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Discussion on: AMA with Cindy Au

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Cindy Au Ask Me Anything

Hi Cesar, there were a couple of deciding factors -

1) We wanted to over-deliver on experience and make sure creators from all our verticals felt they were being supported by people who understood needs unique to their different creative backgrounds.

2) In order to evaluate certain types of projects/campaigns, we needed specialized knowledge. E.g. It was difficult for someone w/o experience dealing with the ins and outs of book publishing to try and provide campaign support and advice to someone making a book.

Once we recognized how valuable that kind of domain-specific expertise was to our community, it made a lot of sense to build the team out to support each category instead of trying to approach as one size fits all. And ultimately this was much more efficient for us, because our in-house experts were often already part of these creative communities, providing us with credibility and trust in addition to specialized knowledge.