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Discussion on: An Introvert’s Guide to Community Management

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Anne Mbugua • Edited on

I loved the article. I find that being an introvert can be easily misconstrued as being anti-social. I love people and interacting with people.
I've found that I'd make a better community manager because I love quality relationship building or engagement. I love growth and being introverted helps me to give 100% of my focus to helping others grow.

Thank you!

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I agree 100%! As an extroverted introvert myself (I suppose that's what I identify as, haha), I feel my value for wholesome relationships helps me create and nurture relationships in my community, as well. Great read! 😁💙

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Anne Mbugua

I'm with you on that Heather. I too being an extroverted introvert.

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Kirsti Buick

Thanks so much for your feedback, Anne! And I totally agree! This is such a powerful truth.