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Discussion on: Welcome to The Community Club! Introduce yourself to the community 😃

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Si Jobling

Hey folks! Si here - Agile Delivery Lead at WorldFirst (fintech as part of Alibaba & Ant Group).

I've always tried to find opportunities to build communities in my role, either directly related to the work (tech skills and domain knowledge) or even as side topics (families/parents in tech, sports interests).
Through the years, I've always enjoyed spinning up new communities based on my own interests too - even before social media took off, it's been a fascination on the power of people sharing passions. Whether it was in tech, sports, music or other topics, I get a real kick from seeing people engage in growing communities.

I've recently had the motivation to understand the sciences and nuances a little more, learning and interacting with like-minded people (very meta!) I've dipped in and out of the Community Club Slack over the past year but I hope to spend a bit more time with you all going forward.