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Discussion on: What do you think of this model? The Community Emotion Path

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Simon Tomes Author • Edited on

Hi Albert,

Thanks for checking it out and for your questions.

My own experience as part of different communities mostly informed the model. Plus I’ve been on a journey with mindfulness over the last four years or so and no doubt that’s had an influence. I’ve also observed how some folks dip in and out of communities – and I had a desire to acknowledge that it’s totally ok for that to happen given we’re all on our own journeys. I think part of our human condition is that we often try to be our best all the time yet we don’t actually need to be. The diagram with description of the model attempts to describe this.

For example, imagine a member is about to contribute to a blog post for their community. They might rapidly go through all those emotions on the Community Emotion Path and happily publish that post. Or perhaps they get to one of the more difficult emotions and go “that’s enough now, I need to step off!” When someone chooses to contribute to a community there are a tonne of emotions at play and it’s super complex. This model attempts to acknowledge that and simplify things.

For the diagrammatic loop visualisation I had in mind an infinity loop instead of a regular circular loop, to make it more “journey like”. Perhaps a three dimensional loop would make it look more “path like”. Kinda like this. What do you think?

Thanks again for your questions, I appreciate it.
– Simon