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Facebook group engagement

Hi Guys,

Hope you are well I have a facebook group with around 190 women would love to increase engagement Facebook groups are a bit unfamiliar to me more used to Instagram.

Anyone have any tips?

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Alex Angel

Hi Steph!

There are a number of things you can do to try and increase engagement in your community. First, though, you should really think about the goals and purpose of your community -- why your org is building a community and what you hope to get from it, and in turn what your community members hope to get from your community.

It could be that there's misaligned goals and values which is leading to decreased participation and interest in the community. The types of content you're producing/sharing and events you have may not be beneficial or of interest to your community members, too.

You mention being familiar with IG vs Facebook when it comes to engaging people -- it's entirely possible that the way you're trying to communicate is better suited for an audience as compared to a community environment. It'd be helpful to know a bit more about what your org and community are like to really give you the best advice for how to try and turn things around.