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Thoughts on Zendesk Gather?

suszhang1 profile image Susan Zhang ・1 min read

Hi all. My company has a consumer mobile app, and we're trying to consolidate our community onto a single platform. We already use Zendesk, so leadership wants us to streamline things by using Zendesk Gather. Any thoughts from others who have used this tool? Anything to know, or watch out for?


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nicolesaunders profile image
Nicole Saunders

Hi Susan - I'm the Community Manager for Zendesk, and we use Gather for our own community. Happy to answer any questions you have.

The basics are that Gather is super simple and easy to use. But the tradeoff is that it doesn't have the bells and whistles of some platforms.

My favorite thing about it is being able to go from a community profile into a support profile and seeing what other interactions a user has had/is having with support and in the community is a huge bonus of using it. I also love the integration with the KB and how Guide and Gather really connect the whole self-service support experience.

Let me know what other kind of info would be helpful!

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Ben Halpern

I'd be happy to compare and contrast anything you might want to know about Zendesk Gather vs Forem.