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Content Creation for Communities in Education

sydney_sherman profile image Sydney Sherman ・1 min read

Who else here heads a community within the education industry?

At Sell It Like Serhant, we educate, entertain, and inspire real estate agents through our courses and our member subscription.

I oversee all of our communities, both paid and free.

Content within our member community is relatively simple to plan -- it's a paid community with access to all of the resources within the course and member additions. Nothing is off-limits.

Content within our free community is a different story.

How do you recommend balancing content within a free community to communicate the value of what your program offers, but not give too much away?

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My very first thought is to perhaps try what so many Substack authors do, which is to offer up regular morsels of that premium content. More specifically, it might help to regularly label the free content as free and separate from the member community content (via CTAs, for example). The cool thing about that (for me, anyway) is that you can make it known that the member content is where your reader needs to be without diminishing the quality of the free content.

So, it's like "here's some great free content/ info (there's some EVEN BETTER stuff if you're a member!)" rather than a "you get what you pay for, buddy" approach. Hope that makes sense!

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Sydney Sherman Author

Love it! Thanks so much for sharing your perspective, Mohamed. Love the "you get what you pay for" call out. That's so true, we have to stop approaching content in that way.

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Marissa Dimino

Hey there Sydney! I lead the community at LEGO Education, however, it's a free community so maybe not totally relevant to your content question. We're fairly new still, so we're still working on growing UGC by leaning on our champions. That being said, we're padding the community with weekly member spotlights and product tips/tricks. We're launching PD soon and hope the community will help drive interest by offering free webinars/resource workshops and then post education support.