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Sydney Sherman

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Continuing Ed for Community Professionals

Hey, Community Club!

I've been diving deep into continuing ed opportunities so I can make the most informed strategic decisions growing our digital communities here at SERHANT.

As you've progressed your career, what are some impactful courses, books, or certification programs you've completed for community management?

What are some go-to resources you reference to keep learning about how to become an even better community professional?

TIA for your suggestions, all!

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Lauren Clevenger✨

I am devoting time to learning more about CX and hoping to get the CCXP certification in the next year. Community plays such a major role in customer experience. My hope is that learning more about the business-level strategies of CX will help me 1) be a more successful Community strategist and 2)prepare my career for the next level of Director and beyond.

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Alex Angel

I found the Certified Product Manager or Optimal Product management courses to actually be really helpful for community, even though they're geared towards product managers. There's a good deal of overlap between product and community, and not only did it help reinforce things I was already doing in my community building but it helped highlight how community and product teams can work together.

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Personally, one of the things I've benefited from the most is taking courses in business/ accounting. Last year, I took up some accounting skills courses because I wanted to learn about profit and loss statements, balancing accounts, etc just so I could understand what was going on when it came to the business end of things. Really helpful!