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Discussion on: Welcome Thread - v6

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Hey I'm Tanya 👋
Looking forward to meet others in the community space. I've been working to build communities over the past 7 years at companies like Etsy and now at Unsplash. I love working with creative communities that are pushing a movement forward.

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Oliver Ding

Wow! Etsy and Unsplash are great creative communities. I'm expecting to learn from you on building such two awesome platforms.

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Hi Tanya! Welcome to the Club. Love Etsy and Unsplash!

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Zied Hamdi

Hi Tanya,

It is great to have you here, I've built a marketplace for handy crafts here in Tunisia (back in 2014), it somehow failed because of a lack of community (and then budget), so knowing someone from Etsy is a real pleasure for me.
I'm launching a project that should connect communities together, with a hack to have them very engaged, I'd love to talk about it with you: here's my linkedIn:

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Piper Wilson

I love Etsy! I think I'm the reason they're still afloat! ;)