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Tessa Kriesel Ask Me Anything

Fabulous question! I have experienced a few incentive programs but not many that are solely focused on developers.

I actually built a program at a previous employer ( that was incredibly good at this. The reason that this program was this way was because the entire premise was around open source. Our product offering only served Open Source projects and the developers were obviously a part of those communities. The program was focused on making THEIR lives better. For example, if we provided incentives (never money, devs don't need money) for them to contribute to WordPress, the open source project, that benefited our company none, as they saw it, but since our product depended on WordPress, it actually did indeed help our company in a small way. There were other opportunities, like public speaking, where we would cover travel costs for a developer to attend and speak at a tech conference. For them, they were traveling and attending a conference for free, but for us, we had someone super passionate about our product raving about it besides our own dev advocates.

I would actually LOVE to start a convo here of folks favorite developer-focused incentive programs. I feel like there are so many of them, but I have only been exposed to just a few. Too busy focusing on my own. 😉

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Alex Newman

Great program! Thanks for the response, Tessa!