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Tessa Kriesel Ask Me Anything

Twitter has, from what I know, never had a dedicated community person before me. They've had folks in various roles across marketing and DevRel dive into community work, but never a focused role. They created the #TapIntoTwitter program, which is a collection of local Meetup groups, as well as the community forum over at

As I have joined the team I have brought in my community knowledge, of course, but also another voice to advocate for developers. I've spent a great deal of my early time at Twitter writing documents that outline how developers prefer to be engaged with and how they will perceive different things we do. The team integrated UserVoice to obtain feedback last year when they launched labs, but it lacked strategy and growth—hardly any developers even know it exists. I am currently working on building a developer feedback program (and re-designing UV Thanksgiving week!) that works cross functionally to ensure that we are obtaining as much feedback as we can from our developers to ensure we are making developer-driven decisions.