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tessak22 profile image Tessa Kriesel ・1 min read

Hello fellow community friends! I am looking for a community software solution that integrates memberships into the platform. I would have 2-3 different audiences/personas and I would need to be able to charge a significantly different rate for all. Outside of membership integration, seeking a platform that allows for rich text content, direct messaging (with limitations, non paying members can't use). Hmm the more I think about it, the more permissions and groups and settings there are, the better. All of my audiences will have different needs and different perks based on their pricing model.

I really like Circle and Forem so far, but neither seem to have integrated memberships so I may be leaning towards Mighty Networks, but would love to hear other options as my experience with Mighty Networks is fairly low too.

Thanks all!


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We're using Mighty Networks right now but without paid memberships.

Based on my experience so far, you can DM whoever you want in the Network. Group chats are only available on Web and it's limited, so the Group chat is actually a Network-wide chat or a chat for a specific Group within your Network. You can opt to turn these on or off.

There are limited moderation functionalities, if that's important to you. You can't change the permissions for moderators, and you can't report specific comments (only the main post). When you most a post from Group to Group or Group to Network, all the activity the post originally had (comments, likes, etc.) disappear.

I like that you can make Public, Private & Secret Groups, and you can make specific Groups paid. Each Group (and the Network) has a variety of post types and sections you can turn on or off.

Hope that's helpful! Happy to chat more too. We've been on MN for a couple months now.

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You could use something like MemberSpace or MemberStack to add memberships to Circle or Forem!

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Tessa Kriesel Author

Definitely an option. I don't think either of those platforms have the level of permissions I need. I need two different primary roles and they each have vastly different needs... I think anyways.

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At Mindvalley we recently made the transition to Tribe.so a couple of months ago. We are able to create a focused community for each of our courses and also manage our global student community. Might be work looking into it.

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Andy McIlwain 🇨🇦

Are you looking for an enterprise-level solution with SLAs, a self-serve turnkey SaaS, or something more open for customization?

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Tessa Kriesel Author

Self-service, ideally. Small budget to start.