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Discussion on: Discord is spyware

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Rob McIntosh

Decentralised, encrypted platforms are only one form of community, and serve a very particular purpose, and they do raise some security issues of their own.

Most communities, though not those on Discord to be fair, exist not just to offer chat functions between anonymous agents, but to create interaction, connection and actually increase the profile of the individuals and their shared mission / identity. Much of the benefit is actually about making the content (and users) discoverable.

However, even on these open communities, there is an issue of trust concerning the data - is it truly private and used for the benefit of the community and the member(s), or is it being (mis)used for the benefit of others - or to avoid legal scrutiny?

Data, privacy and user rights is an incredibly important discussion we should be having more of as community managers, especially since the rules are still unclear, and different around the world.

I'm looking into this as I'm doing some work with Guild who have taken a very clear stance on this (see:, and hopefully this will be discussed even more in the near future.