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Discussion on: What should every Community Manager know?

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Tiffany Hall

Hi Samantha,

When we first launched our community I found a lot of "lurkers" that were reading the feeds but not commenting. There were also quite a few members who had a post typed up and ready to go, but then they never hit the post button. Of course there will always be those who just want to browse the conversations, but I had to find a way to capture the people who wanted to contribute but were holding back. I found out it was a matter of comfort among there peers. We created an ambassador program and asked members from different age groups to participate based on membership tenor. Their job was to respond to posts and create new posts daily. Our ambassadors would also recruit and welcome new members to the community. The community became a place for our hotel owners to connect with one another rather than me trying to engage them in conversation. It took a few months to see real results, but the outcome has been more than we could have hoped for!

We are in the midst of rebuilding our community on a new platform now, so hopefully we will have the same success!

Good luck to you!