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Tyler Beaty • Edited on

Hey beautiful humans!

I'm Tyler and I'm terrible at writing about myself but here we go... I'm a tech and startup nerd with an itch for design and brand. I've recently been looking for ways to merge all of these passions together and building a community seems to be an awesome path to learn more about myself and my interests through meeting others with similar passions.

I currently run a branding agency that works exclusively with founders of series A/B startups, but find myself really missing working on more diverse teams around product. I've been attempting to scratch this itch for the past 5 years, working on countless personal projects and startup ideas. Building a valuable community for tech product enthusiasts is my latest venture. Nothing is live yet as I'm still doing customer development, but I'm planning on building this on

I'm beyond stoked to be a part of this wonderful community to share learning on community building from the perspective of both brand and product development. After all, great companies and products are great because they focus on solving problems for real people.

Beyond excited to be headed down this learning adventure with y'all and always available for a chat on brand strategy and aligning business goals with community engagement. I openly invite you to Abuse my DM's ;)