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Andrei Ungurianu

Hi there! Andrei from Romania here. I'm a marketer with over seven years of experience, and in this time, I've done almost everything that a marketer can do: from content writing to SEO, from Google/Social Media Ads to now trying to build a community with the help of my colleagues @Pixelgrade.

I'm relatively new to all this, and I'm keen to learn more about what it means to build and maintain a healthy community around a particular interest—for us is "stories that make us better people." Lovely to see this movement towards communities since, as most marketers know, ads and tracking are not the best way to build loyal customers.

Although I've been actively doing this for less than a year, my favorite part about community building is seeing people taking the time to talk to one another and share their raw stories and experiences authentically—something that's hard to see on social channels.