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Discussion on: AMA with John Saddington

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Mark K

Brendan, just to add to John's Q3 answer.

A lot of news sites and newsletters have started trending towards outrage headlines or just weird eye-catching titles. This is a β€œtrick” I would avoid.

For regular media of course Mr T has become a great way to get clicks and add revenue. The issue with this is to keep people clicking you need to keep up a steady stream of these and this will, over time, create more outlandish headlines that less reflect the article underneath the title.

The world is stranger than fiction so their is really no need for this πŸ™ƒ. More importantly (relating to newsletters) you have to look at a balance of

  • recruitment of readers
  • retention of readers

Retention is certainly more important medium to long-term; otherwise your recruitment is a wasted effort (don't fill your bucket if it has a hole in it)! These people do not need clickbait to read your work β€” they just need something that they can open because they perceive value in it.

Clearly titles are important to telegraph (no pun intended) your work, but the content is the Core and, as John said, Trust is the conveyor that gets people there.

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John @ YEN

love that mark. thank you for your response!