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Link Moser
Link Moser

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DM consultant looking to pivot to community consulting?

I'm new to the world of community building. I've been a freelance digital marketing consultant for 25 years and struggling to differentiate myself in a crowed sea of 'web designers' and 'SEO experts". I'd like to learn more about community building in order to see if there might be a pivot for me to position myself as a consultant to help organizations build their community. I feel I have experience already with some of the technology.

I'm looking for advice from those you with more experience in community management/building. Where can I get up to speed on the talking points and the strategy? What should I be reading? Certifications/classes worth taking? Who should I be talking to? How do I position myself to start conversations with organizations in order to get buy it?

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Hi Link,
I would really encourage you to check out the Community MBA on CMX Academy. It's taught by @davidspinks who is an awesome community guru.