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Discussion on: #ClubChat: What does a typical day look like for you as a Community Manager?

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WuQing Hipsh

I've been a community lead for almost 2 months. So far I am following the strategy that was in place before I started, which is community emails, webinars, and LinkedIn posts.

  • I plan, organise, and execute 2 webinars per month. This includes slide design, script writing, and a lot of research.
  • Plan long term projects (updating resource page, creating evergreen content)
  • customer/ user research
  • meetings with the internal team (marketing, product, and customer success)
  • meeting new people (potential customers, other community leads, and current customers)
  • creating promotional materials
  • learning about new strategies and outreach
  • Strategy to increase engagement
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Susan Zhang

Do you have examples of promotional materials for your community? I'm currently working on this and could use some landscape inspiration!