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A Metaverse MetaCommunity

The term 'Metaverse' is one I use quite commonly; among the diverse network of communities I spend the most time in, the metaverse is a widely used/understood term. While different people will offer different specific definitions, a common denominator exists; "Metaverse" refers to one or more of the well-established VR worlds powered by the ethereum blockchain network. I just wanted to put that in context quickly as it wil likely continue to be a topic of dicussion.

I'm currently trying to balance a number of different projects, both personal and 'professional' and at the center of all of it there will be (ideally) a community that encompasses a number of other relevant communities which are all focused on the NFT ecosystem; and in most cases, with a specific interest in cryptoart (digital art supported by blockchain). I can't say that I've attempted anything of this scale before, but as someone who's spent 8 months struggling to keep up with the happenings in an industry that seems to only have potential to get more and more exciting, but also more difficult to keep track of, the community aggregation, as well as a web platform aggregating news/resources/educational content/etc. could quite easily become huge in short orded. If you have any questions regarding the topics of NFT's, CryptoArt, or blockchain, feel free to leave a comment or send a DM. I'm happy to share my experience, as well as actively keeping an eye out for people that may be interested to join the team and work with us in a space that has innovation around every corner

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Vitaliy Gataulin

Hey, @xbrucethegoose . Thanks for sharing. I'm also working on ethereum project and trying to build a community. I think we can chat and exchange our experience.

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brucethegoose.eth Author

Sure thing! Feel free to DM me! twitter @xbrucethegoose /
discord @brucethegoose.eth#0666 / NFThub's community feature may migrate to this platform tbh, but at the moment that's open for testing and my profile is here: