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Discussion on: Stop Explaining Community Management

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Great post Carter. Although I am new to the thread and community, so much of what was shared within the post resonated. One of my gaps referenced, that I agree with and have also noted is the aspect related to translation. Being able to translate the 'what and how' of convening and bringing together people in shared purpose means and looks like and how it is distinct or complimentary to existing or other practices. In one of my previous roles, we described these distinctions and nuances as seismic shifts and used 'from this to that' concepts (ie. From egocentric to eco-centric, from independent to interdependent etc) as a way to describe what it means in practice. As these shifts often challenge the status quo or traditional ways in how things are done, it definitely takes to be able to reach a shared awareness, understanding and practice. I'm really glad to have joined this community and look forward to learning and engaging with all of you