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young crypto wolf
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How to spark activity, and keep the momentum going?

Hey guys,

Wolf here! I have been involved with online communities for roughly 7 years now. However, I have recently been getting involved with other communities in the crypto space as a community manager. Up until this point I have always managed my own groups, never for another team.

Managing my own communities is much easier than handling others simply because I know what kind of content they want.

Any advice on how to get a community to willingly participate?

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Rosemary ONeill

My key suggestions would be
1) keep the structure very minimal - not too many channels/forums for conversation at first.
2) set up some type of recurring reason to check in (Caturday, or DAO proposal Tuesday, or commiserate about your empty bags Monday...)
3) Reinforce inside jokes and lingo (if you notice the members calling themselves something, use that yourself, or if someone shares a meme that other members go crazy over, find a way to weave that into the community). You want to make them feel a sense of co-ownership and that they're helping build something.

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young crypto wolf Author

Wow! Thank you so much @rosemaryoneill I love all these ideas and I'm going to start implementing right away. Will come back with an update! :)

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Max Pete

Great points @rosemaryoneill !!

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You can figure out what these other communities & community members are interested in by chatting with some of them 1:1. You can also openly ask what type of content, events, discussions, etc. they'd be interested in.

Consider why they're in that crypto community in the first place. What drew them in? How can you give members more of that, or things similar? For example, if someone joined an on chain project cause they're really intrigued by what's possible on chain, maybe you can lead discussions around that.

Hope that helps @youngcryptowolf

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young crypto wolf Author

Hey Jocelyn,

I've tried openly asking the community what brought them here. However, typically its crickets. Going to try the 1 on 1 approach and see if I can spark a connection with members. Thanks a lot, I appreciate the feedback!