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Which are the free software out there to track community engagement?

yugrjain profile image Yug ・1 min read

It's a small community that I am managing with less than 60 members right now. I'm looking to implement simple software which helps me track the basic metrics at the moment.

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Rosemary ONeill

It would be helpful to know what platform you're using. I'm not aware of any external metrics plug-in that works from the outside, but most real community platforms include basic metrics, and a way to add your Google analytics ID.

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Chris Detzel


Is your community content open to the public? Have you connected it to Google Analytics? What platform are you using that doesn't have any analytics? I'm not aware of a software that would connect to a community to give you engagement analytics.

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Sanket Chauhan

Hey, we are validating a product in this space. Sign up there if you want to try! For now, we only support Slack communities ->

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Alex Angel

Apart from using analytics tools that already exist in the platform you're using, there aren't really any free options out there (at least not that I am aware of!).