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Yuya Takada
Yuya Takada

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Community software CEO from JPN :)


We run a customer success community SaaS [Commmune] in Japan and just started global operations :)

Iā€™m a founder CEO and am going to be based in the West Coast USA in a few months.

I might be of your help if you're

  • Working on customer success community
  • Trying to improve Customer Lifetime Value thru community
  • Thinking about community building in Japan

Looking forward to speaking and collaborating with you all!

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Marta Rocamora

so very cool! I am great lover and fan of Japan, having travel multiple times and our senior adviser and investor speak Japanese and I am sure would be there all the time if it wasn't for current restrictios with Pandemic - happy to chat and get to know one another see how we can work together :)