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Discussion on: Places to post job opening for a teen hacker community manager?

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zach latta Author

Hey Tessa, this is wonderful advice! Thank you so much! Yes, we definitely are sharing internally too, but we want to cast a wide net, especially since we're such a small team with only 5 full-timers.

At the bottom of the linked JD we have a list of requirements. Definitely yes, they need to know how to program, but the biggest thing we're looking for is someone who can inspire action in others. The best things in Hack Club happen when students lead the charge instead of a staff member.

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Tessa Kriesel

If this were me, I would hire a student and find a community consultant to train them early on and allow them to use that knowledge plus intuition, being a member themselves, for the perfect candidate. No pressure here with my response, just sharing what I think I would do (and hopefully that helps a little).